NDE Steel Structures Ltd.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control


We stand strongly on quality is the hall mark of NDESSL. Since the inception of NDE there has been a continuous effort to pursue the highest quality in the Pre engineered steel building industry. Our effort materialized in the award of Leed certification from INNOWELL

A separate Quality Department with functions under the top management at the factory is dedicated to undertake quality check at every level of stages from entry to delivery to site. This quality check is carried out throughout the period of fabrication until completion of delivery thus ensuring that only those material that qualify the stringent quality tests of NDESSL Quality Department are delivered to the client. This ensures a product of the finest quality and the difference is evident when compared .QA&QC department is strictly maintain the ITP,WPS sated by client or NDESSL standard.

We use of Prime Quality product and no product from Ship Breaking Material or Non Standard Product that is not in accordance with the latest international code is used by NDESSL. All materials are imported from a variety of countries that includes Australia, Japan, China, India, Korea, Vietnam, etc. The imported plates are subjected to quality test before fabrication under the supervision of the QA&QC Department of NDESSL at the Factory end.

Similarly every item needed for the valuable client is imported from time tested suppliers of world class material be it Bolts, Self Drilling Screws, Insulation, Sky Lights or even the Welding Consumables. In fact every accessory that goes with the building is selected so as to endure the test of time and ensure that the NDESSL Quality stands out in every aspect.

NDE Steel Structures Ltd.